Black Beans Go Pollock

Yes, I just used Jackson Pollock’s¬†name as a verb. And yes, I’m seeing art in the rinse water of the black beans that were soaking in my kitchen.

You see, this is what happens when one doesn’t get to loll about Parisian cafes scribbling in overpriced notebooks. One is, instead, finishing the morning dishes and thinking ahead to the evening’s meal for three.

One is finding, yet one more, of those half-a-toothpick-sized, day-glo Star Wars Lego light sabers, adrift beneath one’s toes. Mingling with dust bunnies and stray garlic skins tucked over by the oven.

No aimless wanders between park benches here. It’s time to drive to the school bus stop before sunrise. La Seine is far away.

The present locale is much further west. The water, it’s in the sink, with beauty in a black bean.

The practical, humbly offering itself as inspiration.

2013-03-19black bean splash

2013-03-19black bean

2013-03-19black beans

Beauty in the Bohemian’s Garden

I first opened my mind.
Then let him help
open my heart.
we opened
garden beds.

He nurtures
in sunshine
and water.

Now we are fed.

2013-03-15pea flower
2013-03-15beet green
beet leaf
calendula, closer
cucumber tendril

September Additions to the Kitchen Series

New photos from a Saturday in September, playing with the dishes from my grandmother and the harvest from the Bohemian’s garden.

all photos Jessica Dofflemyer

All photos by Jessica Dofflemyer ~ all rights reserved

These photos and other inspirations from the kitchen window can be found by clicking on Photos: The Kitchen Series on the left side bar.  Enjoy!