New photos from a Saturday in September, playing with the dishes from my grandmother and the harvest from the Bohemian’s garden.

all photos Jessica Dofflemyer

All photos by Jessica Dofflemyer ~ all rights reserved

These photos and other inspirations from the kitchen window can be found by clicking on Photos: The Kitchen Series on the left side bar.  Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “September Additions to the Kitchen Series

    1. No, it’s the vegetable kingdom represented there. Isn’t it fascinating how we can see things differently? I love words, but go through cycles where I want to express something but without the alphabet. Which is why I really enjoy drawing and photography, too. Nothing specific given to the mind. Hence, a red pepper can be a bicep. Nice! Thanks for your comment, Jennifer! I enjoyed checking out your blog too.


      1. I’m glad 🙂 now I sort of want to build an entire animal out of veggies that look like muscles and tendons and organs..what fun! I’m sure someone’s done it..
        and I have similar feelings about the go-to art is generally beading. Just colors, textures, design. Deliciousness!


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