More Than Greens

The Good Neighbors wander over to our place with harvest from their garden. They offer up homegrown wonders, infused with deep, rich color. I am enchanted. Transfixed.

If green is the garden equivalent to black and white, then this must be technicolor.

2014-04-06_dahlia_glass ball

2014-04-06_purple caul leaf

2014-04-06_red dahlia

2014-04-06_purple cauliflower

2014-04-06_purple green caul leaf

Transformational Harvest

It’s harvest time at the outdoor shower.

For any of you following the Archives, you may recall that our family has been curiously watching the unfolding process of the dragonfruit in our backyard (see a chronicled play-by-play here). And since this plant has adhered itself to the walls of the outdoor shower, we’ve been treated to a daily accounting of its progress while we soap up and stare.

It’s been an amazing transformation, that began with this


Soon blooming into this


And, eventually, ripening to this

2013-10-09_dragonfruit ripe

I realize that for the last forty years of my life, I’ve been nourished at the kitchen table, daily, through the magnificent metamorphosis of seed to fruit. A wonder I clearly take for granted.

In this instance, food is growing in the shower. I observe its changes everyday, intrigued.

And who couldn’t be enamored? This “Queen of the Night” is just so darn dramatic in her ripening.

I mean, look. From this


to this

2013-10-09_dragonfruit picked