In October 2010 I tried a writer’s experiment: write a post a day for 40 days.

With little knowledge of WordPress (and before WP’s PostADay had launched), I was a single mother raising my six-year old son, seeking the profound in the mundane. Sharing some snippet of the every day, I posted my Daily Chronicles to be filed among the Archives.

After the 40 days were up, I continued on. Nine years and over 1,000 posts later, For the Archives offers an exploration writing, art, photography, parenthood, nature, love and life.

Chronicled here are disappointments and heart-openings. Grade-school spelling tests and poetry. A love affair that led to marriage. Lots of photographs from my kitchen.

Threaded throughout is an intent to share the details with honesty. Stay ever-curious. Find connection.

Volume 1: Love and Motherhood, is a collection of poetry, prose and photography, chronicling my first year blogging here on the Archives. It is available at the Amazon Kindle store.


For the Archives beams out to you from a small speck in the Pacific, from which I send aloha and wishes for peace.

Life is an art, so make your masterpiece. Thanks for stopping by.

24 thoughts on “About

  1. Jessica– Is that you? Sure seems like it. If not, sorry for the intrusion. Kauai, huh? Sounds great. A son? Even greater. I’d love to hear from you. Hope you are well.–Bernie

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  2. Thanks for bringing connection and inspiration through your journal entries Jessica. I started back in 2001. Your words describe the core feelings drawn in the latest entry of my love journal on FB. Thanks also for being open, curious, looking, learning, listening and sharing your path to health. Peace and Love

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    1. Hi Paul. Very cool that you found the No Enemy post. I had a reader suggest I email you a link to it. Even better – you discovered it on your own. I’m honored by your feedback. I love your FB love journal – beautiful art! Thanks for all you do in spreading the message of peace and love. Imua! Sending aloha across the rainbow bridge from Kauai to Northern Cal… With gratitude. j.


    1. Wow Sheila! Thank you so much! I’m currently sleep-deprived but truly honored. I see that acceptance of this generous award takes a bit of work and I want to give it it’s due. More to come shortly!! Thanks again for thinking of the Archives. ALOHA!


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