Fractal Food

What looks like coral, grows in the garden, and sends your taste buds into spirals of delight?

Romanesco broccoli.

Can you believe we got to eat this cosmic specimen?

Out of this world!

pushing the edges on our balcony ledge
worlds within worlds

Sweet and Sour

There is a flash flood warning in effect on Kauai. Rains pour down, bridges close, and Merlin (our little chick) is still gone without a trace.

There is a noticeable void here without our feathered friend. His little trills and watchful eyes. The sweet nature he exuded. He was one rare bird.

This past weekend, the Bohemian and I watched the movie “Vanilla Sky“, Cameron Crowe‘s 2001 adaptation of Alejandro Amenábar‘s “Abre los Ojos” (Open Your Eyes).

Says the character who has seen a lot of disappointment, to the one who has lived a more silver spoon existence:

“…one day you’ll know what love truly is. It’s the sour and the sweet. And I know sour, which allows me to appreciate the sweet.”

To the sweet and sour of life…