What looks like coral, grows in the garden, and sends your taste buds into spirals of delight?

Romanesco broccoli.

Can you believe we got to eat this cosmic specimen?

Out of this world!

pushing the edges on our balcony ledge
worlds within worlds

15 thoughts on “Fractal Food

  1. Awesome post and pic! Just planted a bunch of broccoli in our garden. Now I don’t know whether I want to eat it or stare at it with jaw-dropping awe! Always been fascinated with organic shapes in nature, especially the spiral. If you haven’t read it yet, pick up a copy of Theodore Andrea Cook’s book “Curves of Life.” It’s the only Dover edition book I’ve seen with Profusely illustrated in the subtitle. While it was written in 1914, it contains some very fascinating and mind-blowing information on spirals in nature. I highly recommend this book. Hope you have a great day and thanks for posting 🙂


  2. Dear Jessica
    I don’t know how you feel about this, but when I received those I couldn’t help but think of you, you’ll do whatever you like with them, from my humble perspective you deserve both of these awards, with your marvelously crafted, very inspiring musings about those moments that might not be the best at first, but by adding that other perspective you just spice them up magically. For this I would like to offer you the following two awards:
    Very inspiring blogger award: http://anowaday.wordpress.com/awards/very-inspiring-blog-award/
    Best moment award:


    1. I’m honored that you would think of me with these awards, thank you. And congratulations to you on receiving them as well. Well deserved! I love how you can capture a moment with a photo. Inspiring indeed. Mahalo Valentin!


    1. Well, the color hasn’t really swayed Jeb. Actually, he was enamored when it was in raw form and did some snacking but wanted no part of it when it was slathered in butter and breadcrumbs, hot from the oven. Go figure!


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