Fractal Food

What looks like coral, grows in the garden, and sends your taste buds into spirals of delight?

Romanesco broccoli.

Can you believe we got to eat this cosmic specimen?

Out of this world!

pushing the edges on our balcony ledge
worlds within worlds

Lines and Curves

Over the weekend, we eat the atemoya. The Bohemian, of course, wants to save the seeds.

We visit Mary at the farmer’s market and marvel at her Romanesco brocoli. Its fractal example fuels my current fascination with patterns in nature.

I’ve got my camera tucked in a pocket on our rainy Saturday. Jeb’s guiding us on a misty walk we’ve never taken before. Passing through abandoned guava groves and young mahogany stands, we come upon a rushing river.

All I see are lines and curves. Creative order everywhere.

ginger bloom
ginger bloom
red ti
red ti

ti waterfall

photos Jessica Dofflemyer ~ all rights reserved





Digesting a Marvel

Continuing with the thread of exotic edibles, I can follow-up yesterday’s purple cauliflower post with the atemoya gifted to the Bohemian and I on New Year’s Eve.

2013 brings a fruity fractal.

atemoya distant

atemoya 2

atemoya close

Reminder of phenomena unfurling, where chaotic, perfected patterns outline time and space.

planetary paths
laced with orbiting moons
celestial spirals
shaking tails
of star dust
in their wake

Indeed, you could imbibe this fruit.  Take a ride into micro/macro orbit.  Contemplate the nature of the Universe.

Or just slice it up. Taste the sweet.  Smile and enjoy.