Yes, I just used Jackson Pollock’s name as a verb. And yes, I’m seeing art in the rinse water of the black beans that were soaking in my kitchen.

You see, this is what happens when one doesn’t get to loll about Parisian cafes scribbling in overpriced notebooks. One is, instead, finishing the morning dishes and thinking ahead to the evening’s meal for three.

One is finding, yet one more, of those half-a-toothpick-sized, day-glo Star Wars Lego light sabers, adrift beneath one’s toes. Mingling with dust bunnies and stray garlic skins tucked over by the oven.

No aimless wanders between park benches here. It’s time to drive to the school bus stop before sunrise. La Seine is far away.

The present locale is much further west. The water, it’s in the sink, with beauty in a black bean.

The practical, humbly offering itself as inspiration.

2013-03-19black bean splash

2013-03-19black bean

2013-03-19black beans

9 thoughts on “Black Beans Go Pollock

  1. Love the title, a lot better than “Weekly Photo Challenge: Lunchtime”, for which this post would have been a perfect entry.


  2. I know it was not the main topic of your post but why did you mention Paris, for me Paris is always in my heart, and I see it as an insider, always interesting to read from others ? I often think that outsiders mainly see Paris as a dream and romantic city, it’s true that as some other cities (ex NYC) you can fine overprised places, but you can go out and enjoy Paris at a very reasonable price, when you know were to go. (Which most of the tourist don’t).
    I ll post some nice places to go to in Paris, soon.


  3. I was drawing on Paris as a place (one I’ve never yet been to) that is known to be stereotypically ‘artistic’ or ‘romantic’. A place that is far from my sink full of dishes. The reference to overpriced notebooks, wasn’t so much a comment on the cost of things in Paris, as much as how there are ‘writer’s notebooks’ (just expensive blank journals) and then you can sit in a cafe and write deep thoughts in your fancy book. It may be more of an American perspective of something I’ve seen – and it was a way for me to express that I have to grab something a bit more tangible, certainly more practical, if I want to get my ‘artist’ fix.
    My husband is Czech and we plan to go to Europe next year. I’d love to go to Paris, so I’ll appreciate anything you post on some sweet places. I’m always imagining parks with big trees, for some reason. Oh, and croissants and peaches. Am I just dreaming them up?
    Thanks so much for your comment!


  4. No you are not dreaming, you have very nice parks, all size, and a bit everywhere in Paris and around Paris.

    It is great to walk around them. they have all this French Parisian athmosphere, but have all there specificity, as all neighbourhood are different.

    They are more empty In the winter, as french people don’t stay to much out side in the cold. You can still enjoy them with a very good coat, gloves scarf and hat.

    In general and particularly in the spring and the summer, you can linger in these park for hours, read a book, just sit or lay in the park. You’ll also in all of them find small parisien café, and small trolley selling ice cream or beverage or “crêpe” french pancakes. (You might not find peaches, but surely croissant)

    The description of the image you had made me think of the parc du Luxembourg, in the center of the latin quartier, it has some loveley alleys bordered with trees, wide pound where kids can play with boats pushing them from one side to the other.

    This parc border the french Senate, where laws are discussed and voted, and you can find as well bee farms.

    As it is in the middle of the latin quarter, it is central to most pretigious universities such as La Sorbonne or Panthéon Assas. You can often see groups of students either lingering around of discussing topics.

    There is a quarter dedicated to pétanque, a french sport consisting on trowing heavy middle size steal balls as near as possible to the cochonnet a small woden ball. This game is often played by elerly people. It has the popularity of bowling in France and you can play it anywhere.

    I ll do post on parks in Paris and Amsterdam….soon…

    As you said your husband is Czech, I also went once in Prague, very different but also beautiful, you could also visit, it’s not to far from Paris by plane….


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