I’ve purposely not read the news before coming here to the Archives.

If I begin to follow the latest media feed this morning, I will get lost in a splintering of thought threads to nowhere. Emotions will ricochet, probably fixate, and creative expression will get ditched for dismay.

Art deserves sacred space, preferably before 6am.

Today’s humble offering is simply an observation. Acknowledgement of the path I’m following, with no certainty of where it leads. I sense that I’m on track, though the exact coordinates of my destination are unknown.

Maybe this is true of the collective. Perhaps the whole world is feeling its way in the dark, with only a few feet ahead illumined by some slant of light. Step by step, we’re making our way. How do we know which course to follow?

I’ve got my inner compass in extra-sensory mode, trying to listen deeply, watch carefully, and go with my gut.

How are you making your way?

8 thoughts on “Art Before Headlines

  1. I’m making my way the same as you, Jessica. No compass, no map, just blind faith. I am trying to wean myself off the daily news as it is just too much. Maybe once a week is all I need.


    1. I’m curious, Susanne, if it’s, specifically, the events of recent months in the US that have turned the daily news “too much” for you, or if news in general is overwhelming. Your Canadian perspective is always treasured. I wonder what you all are REALLY thinking up there. 🙂 I used to stay away from the news for longer periods, but our current climate has me feeling the responsibility to stay abreast of events. I just have to do it on my own terms and pacing. If I were to keep up with every Twitter tweet…well, you know. That’s an emotional roller coaster ride. Art and creativity put us back at the helm of our own lives, our own world. I hope we all can respond to the challenges of the times by making more beauty!

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      1. It’s a bit of both – the news in general is overwhelming and the coverage I read of the US news is so dominated by the nuts in the White House and all the spin about what MIGHT happen is terrifying. I turned off TV news after Bush I’s folly in the mid-east and haven’t gone back. I take in the news in print only so I can pick and choose what to read but lately its all about the POTUS. As to what my fellow Canucks think, we are a diverse nation and there are radical fringes at each end of the spectrum. Disturbingly, the killer in Quebec was a white supremacist – an admirer of Trump – and not a Morrocan as was reported in some media. At a rally for a wannabe Conservative Party leader, chants of “lock her up” broke out at his rally (he did nothing to stop it)(referencing the premier of Alberta Rachel Notely). We are not immune to the trend of hate and worldwide we see the rise of this awful phenomenon, now dare I say, enabled by the most powerful political leader in the world.

        I am not a social media user oter than wordpress because I couldn’t handle the streams of other people’s shit coming at me in what I had viewed as an entertainment platform.

        I love your positive and thoughtful posts. Let’s make beautiful words – I agree!

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  2. Great post. As you didn’t follow the news, I too don’t follow the prescribed way anymore. Therefore it is not about finding a way for me; rather it is about being somebody who stands (not rushes) for a universal humanitarian case. I want this being having influence on the ones rushing by, making them stop, reflect, and become (spiritual) beings too …

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    1. Thanks for your thoughts, Mathias! I feel it’s necessary to stay abreast of world affairs, but I must do it on my own terms. In this information age, we are bombarded with the latest ‘happenings’ every second. I’ve found my ways of gathering information that feels right to me. I don’t own a television and I log on to several different news sites on my computer to try to get a holistic perspective. Leaving the first hours of my morning ‘news-free’ means I can start my day the way I like, which is hopefully filled with positivity and inspiration. I see your blog is on this mission of all good things, as well. Aloha!

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