Art Before Headlines

I’ve purposely not read the news before coming here to the Archives.

If I begin to follow the latest media feed this morning, I will get lost in a splintering of thought threads to nowhere. Emotions will ricochet, probably fixate, and creative expression will get ditched for dismay.

Art deserves sacred space, preferably before 6am.

Today’s humble offering is simply an observation. Acknowledgement of the path I’m following, with no certainty of where it leads. I sense that I’m on track, though the exact coordinates of my destination are unknown.

Maybe this is true of the collective. Perhaps the whole world is feeling its way in the dark, with only a few feet ahead illumined by some slant of light. Step by step, we’re making our way. How do we know which course to follow?

I’ve got my inner compass in extra-sensory mode, trying to listen deeply, watch carefully, and go with my gut.

How are you making your way?