In 25 days we move, and for a while there, we didn’t know where to. I’d said I’d keep you posted in this endeavor, but frankly, rental choices have been so few that when one possibility surfaced, I was too afraid to discuss it for fear of hexing the process.

Our family was clear on our home vision. We wanted something simple, in the country (preferably on our very same road), a place to garden, (an outdoor shower would be nice) and affordable. Jeb wished for a treehouse. And we all wondered about this new place offering the future possibility of a canine companion.

Our approach was dream big but be grateful for what came our way. The local Craigslist’s rental page had become a forum for frustrated renters seeking homes and landlords defending their reasons for the trend of doubling rental rates. Even if we were willing to settle for the few condominiums featured – not in our town but the closest to our area of the island – we couldn’t rationalize spending nearly $3000 a month in a boxed-in community where gardens and clothes lines were against the rules.

Magic isn’t rational either, but under the circumstances we figured we’d try it. One Sunday we went to the bay at the end of our street. My mind was heavy with homebound thoughts. I couldn’t sit, I felt like walking. So I left the Bohemian and Jeb at the beach and walked the three miles along our country road, back home. I passed many houses nestled in the trees. Walked by stretches of open fields and segments of river lined with ginger flowers. With every home I passed, I wondered about our own future abode. With every step and every breath, I quietly wished to the distant hills that we, too, could still call this area our home.

I was back at our place around sunset, in time to meet up with the Bohemian and Jeb returning from the beach. They’d done lots of things, but one of them was a quick sketch in a small notebook. An inspired illustration of the house that we were envisioning.

2013-06-01_Home Sketch

Note the ocean view (and swimming sea life), a treehouse, a simple home, fruiting trees, and of course, Fido.

It had to have been a few weeks after my country road walk and that sketchbook exercise that I got a whisper to contact a neighbor to let him know we were looking for a place. Since I didn’t have his phone number, I emailed another friend (who happens to live next door – we’ll call him the Musician) to see if he could give me his contact information. The Musician was well-aware that we were looking and had wished us all the best in our search. On this day, as I sent the email to him, asking for his neighbor’s phone number, I felt compelled to mention that we were still searching for our home, and though it may not be ideal, we’d be willing to temporarily sub-let a place if the opportunity arose.

As the story goes, my email request was sitting in the Musician’s Inbox, not yet read. He was out looking at the solar eclipse with a mutual friend. They were talking about the Musician’s impending travels and his uncertainty about who would stay at his house and look after his dog. Our family was mentioned. A light went ding within the mind of the Musician as the sun was circled in a ‘ring of fire.’ He decided to call me right away and went to his computer to get my phone number, at which point, he saw my email mentioning the sub-let.

The Musician needs someone to stay at his home for four months, beginning July 1st. We need a place to live beginning that day. We’ve worked out the details and the rest has been finalized as of this week.

Did I mention that he lives on our little country road, just a few driveways up? There is a treehouse. A garden. Fruiting trees. An outdoor shower. And a little, easy-going dog we’ve known for years, who will now be in our care.

Maybe it all starts by sketching it out.

We’ll see how the details fill in. For now, we are just so very grateful.

10 thoughts on “Sketching it Out

  1. I Am So very happy for you!
    Just try and beleive in the best to come.

    I don t know why but sometimes things needs to go a certain way….


    1. We have this sweet home space for four months. Yes, we are happy and grateful. We don’t yet know why we have a temporary spot, but all we can guess is that our more permanent home is just not yet ready for us.

      I agree, things need to go a certain way and the fun is watching the mystery unfold. Thanks for your comment!


      1. Yes and I think the main thing is to try to respect our rhythm our needs.

        It s not always easy, but I have the feeling that you do it respecting others as well.

        Even if we don t always understand why things happens! There is a reason!

        Sometime when it s a bad thing, it s hard to get it.
        I guess it depend on us to make it better!

        Now it s certainly not bad! Even if stressing situation

        Wish you all the best

        Let the magic begin 🙂


  2. What a great story….love it when thoughts grow from ideas to reality. I am sure it’s because you all deserve this little haven and who knows where and how your journey continues? Enjoy!


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