The Evolution of our Abode

We’ve been living in our abode for nine months now. It’s been a process of fine-tuning our surroundings to feel at home, while trying to maximize the use of what’s around.

One place of satisfying evolution has been the garage. With the door open, an incredible breeze blows through from the distant ocean. When we moved in, the space was storage for rusting barbecues, trash cans, and old five-gallon buckets of paint. Everything was covered in a film of red dirt.

I dug out the gravel in the bordering beds and planted some succulents. We moved out the massive barbecue.

We gave the zone a good sweeping, and positioned a few chairs by the fresh starts. Recently, we filled an old bathtub and added a water garden. Some rickety, but beautiful, carved panels had been tucked in storage in a far corner. The Bohemian and I hauled them out of hiding, deciding that if they need to be stored, they might as well be seen and appreciated.

The transformation is still in process, but it’s fascinating to observe how it’s evolving.

Here’s a post from April, when I was in the initial stages of change.

2014-04-16_garage big


Though there’s further to go, it’s come a long way.

2014-10-30_abode overview

2014-10-30_panel close

2014-10-30_two lilies

An Ode to An Object (I Think Plants Count)

I’m attempting to create a ‘zone.’ An area of reprieve and beauty. A place to sit and feel the breeze.

It’s a slow process of creation here in our new abode. We moved in about two months ago and are still settling in with basic practicals. Besides the necessities of plumbing and utility hook-ups, I want to create a space of inspiration. So I start with the garage.

Open-air and red dirt-stained concrete, I am on a mission to transform rough edges into an oasis of greenery. A place where one can breakfast among potted plants. A shady respite from the sun in the middle of a hot day, where one could sip lemon water with a friend in the shade.

I’ve positioned some chairs. Planted some succulents (beautiful, but hearty) and placed them on stands nearby. I’ve hung plants in macrame, envisioning a wall of green to grow.

2014-04-16_garage big

It’s a start. And taking a load off in my garage-turned-green-sanctuary, I watch the plants hang, their leaves blowing in the breeze. They may be small, not yet to their full potential of jungle-like lusciousness, but there is foliage, nonetheless. These pots offer up the soothing peace of verdant beauty that only plant life can.

2014-04-16_spider plant

This is an ode to the objects of beauty that are transforming my garage into a garden.

In the presence of their flora, my mind is eased. My body cooled.

Though I’m wondering: how is it for these typically earthbound roots to find themselves mid-air?

I guess the answer is in their progress. So far, they seem just fine. I’ll keep watering, monitoring, enjoying their calming presence. Giving thanks for the gift of green.

2014-04-16_plants hanging


– Today’s post is in response to The Daily Post challenge “An ode to an object.” I have committed “For the Archives” to the “Blogging 201” two-week intensive course, with hopes to further my skills as a writer/photographer and reach more amazing people like you. Thanks for reading!

Fresh Perspective

It’s been one week of living in our new home. This is the ‘dream house’ I saw seven years ago, and have been holding as vision in my heart ever since. Though it’s still settling in as a true reality, yes, I am actually dwelling within these walls now.

Having been built about 30 years ago, there are layers of lives that have passed through the rooms of this house. We are slowly clearing cobwebs and cleaning cupboards, as we get to know the personality of this beautiful abode that has welcomed us to nest here.

Though some may argue that tasks like getting your kitchen in working order may rank  a higher priority, cleaning the windows seemed an even worthier starting point. Jeb and the Bohemian worked in tandem, washing both sides.

Gotta love a clear perspective…