Did you feel it?

That’s a section on the US Geological Survey website
(A Science for a Changing World)

I was feeling a lot of things
in my dream

listening to vinyl records
with the man who
professed his passion
for hot chili peppers

people all around us
were preparing for
impending disaster
tsunami maybe
but I was not well-versed

I was looking at his bookshelves
putting the needle on the record
might as well listen to a good tune
feel happy
when catastrophe strikes

there was that white knitted afghan
tilted shelving
an enormous brown couch
who was it we were listening to
when my bed began shaking?

I felt an earthquake
while I was dreaming
rocking me in waves
while I slept

In the morning
I jot the dream details
but my rattling bed
is doubtful
in reality
there are no earthquakes on my dormant island

to be sure
I search the USGS
maybe I felt distant fault lines trembling

documented there
on the other end of my island chain
Hawaii had a 2.1 tremor
and so too, Japan
a 5.1
the Philipines

when you look to see the online list
it seems the whole world is rumbling!

courtesty USGS

“Did you feel it? Report an earthquake”
in cyberspace

I won’t report it
except for here
record players and chili peppers
earthquakes shaking my bed

dream science
a changing world
are we feeling it?

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