Trying to exist between two cyber worlds, I realize I can’t keep it separate.  There’s the Archives here, where I loyally pen (or type) the Daily Chronicles.  And then there is my more neglected, but loved-no-less, Music as Medicine page, dedicated to my radio program and all things musical.

Certainly, the Citizen Cope post would have been ideal for Music as Medicine.  But it found itself onto the Archives instead.  And this morning, I’m posting playlists from yesterday’s radio show with inclinations to just direct Archive readers to that page for the day.  (Check it out.  I even share links to free music downloads).

Jessica Dofflemyer ~ all rights reserved

One day, all will be united.  In one beautiful and seamless, ethereal space, all aspects will merge to include music, art, photography, poetry and prose.  Until then, these realms are linked by mouse clicks.

So, I invite you to click and cross the bridge that spans between explorations of the profound in the mundane (For the Archives) and doses of the sonic elixir (Music as Medicine).  Happy Travels!

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