by the fire
with the earth lovers
and a rising moon

the Garden Poet pulls red hot rocks
by pitchfork
from glowing coals
each one with its own shape
and story

I brush the embers away
with purple ti leaves
as the pulsing porous surface dazzles
the darkness
like some space stone from afar
all knowing

inside the arches
of tied guava saplings
we sit and sweat
with these keepers of time

every drop of our perspiration
releases to the solid soil
just beneath us

lemon basil floats
in our water calabash
and with every prayer
is the casting of spray upon stone
punctuating the thick air
in the zesty garden steam of green
rising in heated refreshment

a homecoming
remembrance of connection
all things earthly serve
gifting us
may I never again forget my nature
forever giving thanks

outside the womby lodge
water cools
fire warms
moon illumines
aloe soothes
lemon refreshes
garden greens nourish
terra firma holds our feet

until I lay down by the fire
and let the whole earth
hold my whole body
drift off to sleep
warm in the moonlight
fully fed
with the lovers of the earth

courtesty of bobaliciouslondon

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