“He who would travel happily must travel light.”Antoine de St. Exupery

I’m in the realms of sorting junk drawers, if this is any indication to my state of mind.

(I know there's big demand to steal my junk drawer shot) Jessica Dofflemyer ~ all rights reserved

I’m living in a world of keep, recycle, give away, or trash.  There’s no room for hesitancy here.  Little time for sentimentality.  I’m moving, and what’s  kept must be schlepped so it better be worth its weight.  Bagfuls of “so-so’s” have been heaved out the door.

I’m thinking of a lean, mean (well, not-so-mean), streamlined machine.  If there’s a knot let’s untangle it.  A tight muscle, let’s stretch it.  Dead weight, let’s cut it.  And if it’s helping, let’s nurture it.  Whatever it takes to make things smooth, I’m for it.

I’m in that no-nonsense mood.  No room for anybody throwing marbles in my path.  I’m fine to forge this trek on my own – I can sort and haul my own junk drawer.  But unless you’ve got a machete and some empty, willing hands, I’d rather not dally.

I sound uppity, I know.  It’s just my sorting mood.

It’s what happens when you assess your stuff.  Realize that “so-so” doesn’t cut it.  “Kinda” wastes your time.  It’s quality not quantity and you don’t really need very much.

Just enough of everything that fully functions.  Each item earns its place through contribution.

What I keep is my choice and I’m left to house it.  So here’s to traveling light and easy movement.  (And the ideal promise of an ever-organized junk drawer!)

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