When we find out we’ve been duped by someone’s falsehood, the feeling of betrayal can be enraging. We want the truth. We want to trust that what we’re told is real, no hidden tricks or ulterior agendas.

As honesty makes headlines, I’m left to examine truth and my great regard for authenticity. No one likes a liar. Nothing infuriates me like a fib.

Yet they say that when you point a finger, there are four others pointing back at yourself.

Are there places in my life where I’m less than honest? Have there been times when I’ve chosen the convenience of a ‘white lie’ over the discomfort of the truth? I aim to always speak honestly, regardless, but am I doing this all of the time, every time?

Looking beyond my communications with others, am I honest with myself?

Are there certain things I just don’t want to face? Do I sugarcoat the grit? Am I burying the unsightly? Creating facades? Attempting to camouflage aspects of reality I just cannot accept?

We all know our true north. When something is right, it rings true in our cells. When something is false, our bodies feel the funk.

Angry and astonished as I may be at disregard for the sacredness of truth, I’m prompted to look at those four fingers aimed right at my own little heart. If full transparency is what I want, then am I ready to really face facts? Am I willing to be radically (and lovingly) honest with my self?

One thing’s certain: we are powerful. Each of our arrows are pointing to this authority on our own inner compass. There’s no denying True North, and this truth will set us free.

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