It’s all about the right tool for the job.

Ask anyone that’s handy and they’ll tell you that good tools are essential in getting work done well.

Anyone else out there feeling like humans on planet Earth are being called to task? It seems as though I’ve been given an assignment of gargantuan proportions and I’m picking through my inner toolshed looking for some apparatus of assistance.

Big projects require exceptional tools. What have I got?

I’ve been taking inventory of my inner resources and assessing what assists me most. These days the pressure can squeeze tight. I need to be able to quickly access my most potent tools at any given moment in order to respond swift as a superhero.

Art is definitely in the tool belt. Music, writing, photography, dance. These things fill my soul.

Breath is big. Exercising enough to get that breath moving through my lungs and oxygenating my body and brain helps heaps. Clearing space!

Community is key in my arsenal of tools. It’s vital to feel connection with friends and family, especially in challenging times. We can support each other and offer insightful reflections. There is power in numbers.

And here’s my latest revelation: Food. So simple, yet I had not fully recognized the potent influence it has. Organic foods and vitamin supplements were good enough I’d thought. But after incorporating high-density superfoods into my diet, my daily experience has been upgraded to a whole new level.

At the root, my greatest tool is my body, as it is the vehicle by which I maneuver my way through this odyssey of life. No project can be tackled, no endeavor undertaken without a vessel by which I can implement these tasks. Existing on basic sustenance is a blessing in itself. I realize that there are those in this world that do not even have this.

Which is all the more reason for me, living in a modern world with access to superfoods, that I feel called to utilize the tool of high-nutritional plants. It’s my responsibility to do better in order to help others. I’m being called to step it up in the world and I’m using the best tools for the job.

Clear mind, healthy body, strong energy. I want to be in optimal working order.

May we all know our tools and care for them well. Keep them at the ready. Right now, it’s all hands on deck.

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