A morning walk through the noni orchard in our front yard reveals nature at work. Busy bees are happily partaking of the riches produced by this nearly alien fruit.

2015-05-26_noni flowering

So strange in its formation. So potent in its ripened form. Some liken the taste and smell to aged blue cheese and can barely swallow it down. The Bohemian, however, he can bite into it with pleasure, like a pear.

2015-05-26_noni in leaves

A cosmic cure-all, originally brought on canoes to Hawaii by the Polynesians. Noni can aid in everything from diabetes to skin infections. I’ve seen it stop a child’s tears from a wasp sting in less than 60 seconds.

2015-05-26_bee on noni

At our abode, we are surrounded by these hardy trees, still learning of the magic of its medicine.

2015-05-26_ripe noni fruit

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