Last year the Bohemian and I were gifted a mystery plumeria tree. Meaning that the farmer offering it to us didn’t know what kind of plumeria it was.

These signature Hawaiian trees offer up traditional lei flowers that can run a spectrum of colors, from white, to pink, to a dark maroon.

We were fine with the unknown. The Bohemian and I dug a huge hole, adding rich compost and Spirulina powder. We pulled some wedding remnants out of the closet, too. The dried remains of the ti leaf lei the Bohemian wore, and the circle of chocolate orchid blooms that was my bridal crown. We put these mementos just below the roots of the plumeria, filled in the hole, and watered.

We’ve been watching its steady progress over the last year, and it’s doing well. This week, the Bohemian spotted signs of its first flower buds.

The mystery is about to be revealed.

If all unfolds as it naturally should, we’ll know soon the color of its blooms.

2015-05-25_plumeria buds

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