This morning I got a trophy. Well, a virtual one, but a prize all the same.

I knew that today marked my 800th post here in the Archives, but I didn’t realize that it also has been exactly five years since I officially created this site. Thanks WordPress!

2014-03-06_record book

Five years and 800 posts and my intention is still the same.

Seek the profound in the mundane. Listen for the divine laughter in the simplest of details. Get the joke. Chuckle along. Record it all.


Thanks to each person who has taken time to read a word or view an image here at For the Archives. I’m grateful to every reader, and happy to have met so many diverse individuals, all expressing themselves through this WordPress medium. It’s a beautiful thing!

Life is an art. Make your masterpiece.

This is a work in progress. Let’s keep archiving the process…


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