The Bohemian and I had made a last-minute, end-of-the-day decision to go catch the sunset. We threw an orange, some crackers and two beers in a backpack, and made our way to one of our favorite spots on the island: the beach where we first met.

Once on the sand, we wandered along the shore, taking in the salt air, letting time slow. As my toes moved through infinite grains, I discovered a shard of pottery, its diamond-esque shape etched with a blue feather. Perhaps a harbinger of sorts.

Because little did I/we know that before that sun went down, we would be enraptured in an essence of love. Some all-encompassing infiltration that seemed to gleam in the light, reflecting off the sea, moving with the breeze in the trees.

There had been no plan on his part. But there it was. The Bohemian was feeling it, no words, but I could sense it.

So when the syllables finally moved from his mouth to the air: “Jessica Lynn Dofflemyer, will you marry me?” I soaked in every sound and searched deep within my heart.

There was love. Our love. This love. The all-encompassing Love with the capital L. A Love that is here for everyone.

Once in a while you find someone with whom you can share that love…it is a true treasure.

And to that, (and to the Bohemian) I said ‘yes.’


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