With recent holidays behind us, the gift giving may have settled and many of us may be on to thank-you cards. I’d like to offer up a combination of the two.

Inspired by the spirit of giving, and offering this with a gratitude to every person that has taken time to pause here at the Archives, I am happy to give everyone a chance to download my book for free.

“Volume 1: Love and Motherhood” is the first in a series that began here at For the Archives. It’s a collection of 33 posts and 15 original photographs, compiled from my first year of writing on the blog.

For those of you keeping up with the story as it’s been unfolding, that was over three years and 750 posts ago. I was a single mother with a six-year old. There was no Bohemian in my life yet. Just Lego guys, a good dose of loneliness, and an optimism to find some magic in the everyday routine. I was trying to scrape together enough money for rent, and waking at 4am to jot down prose. I was typing out words about sorting my ‘junk drawer,’ playing Foursquare with my son, and seeking the silver lining in a broken heart.

The book has been available through Amazon since October and for the next three days you can download it for free.

Vol 1_Book Cover

Looking back to when I began For the Archives, I am reminded of the intention I had to start sharing my words with the world. I wasn’t sure (and still, sometimes, am not) if my perspective mattered. But I felt strongly that there was beauty in the process of expressing my experience, no matter how simple or mundane. That, somehow, found within that sharing, was a gold that had the ability to lift the ordinary into the profound.

Further, it was my hope, that if someone read my recounting, they too, would be inspired to see the world around them – in all of its seeming ordinariness – and find a sparkle of magic. And that through that heightened perspective, they  also would be encouraged to express themselves with their own, unique art form.

We are all artists creating our life’s masterpiece.

This book is a reflection of that first year when I took a chance to share my little creation-in-the-making with whoever wanted to see it.

So feel free and take it. If you like, share it with a friend.

From today until January 9th I’m giving it away.

And stay tuned. I’m working on Volume 2, soon to be released. It’s the love story of when the Bohemian entered stage right.

Gratitude and gifts…Enjoy!

PS Anyone can read an e-book even if you don’t have a Kindle device. Amazon has a free app that can be downloaded in less than a couple of minutes and the link is in the side bar on my book page.

6 thoughts on “The Best Things in Life…A Free Book for You

    1. I don’t have a Kindle either. I didn’t know that you could download e-books on Amazon without one until just recently. They have a free app you can download that makes it possible to read an e-book on any device. If you’ve got a computer, smartphone or tablet, you can have the e-book.
      I still love paper books though!
      With this project, the cost to print was prohibitive because it has so many color photographs. One day though…
      Thanks for all of your reading and support!


  1. Thank you thank you thank you!….you have made me go back on my words”I will never read an ebook” but for you and your wonderful words I am happy to make an exception. Can’t wait to inhale it all xx


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