I am finally back from many days with virtually no internet service and sporadic cell phone reception. It was a welcome relief to ‘check out’ and ‘check in’ with myself, my family, and the world around me.

We covered a lot of ground in 11 days, but still held a smooth and steady pace, as we explored the distance between the broad shores of the Pacific and the big trees of the Sierras Nevada mountains.


2014-01-03_redwood close

2014-01-03_red rocks

2014-01-03_seaweed path

2014-01-03_old web

2014-01-03_bottle house

2014-01-03_stone circle

2014-01-03_wood rings

2014-01-03_red rock lines




2014-01-03_chain shadow

2014-01-03_inner rock


2014-01-03_turquoise house

2014-01-03_wood heart

2014-01-03_shadow heart

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