If home is where the heart is, then perhaps it matters not the locale in which you dwell. The theory being that a happy heart is not contingent on square footage.

Of course, I would agree. But I’d also suggest that a solid, comfy home space does nurture a sense of security that can offer some sigh of relief. One that eases and opens the heart a little more. Even the nomads among us can appreciate the reprieve a warm shower and soft bed can bring in the midst of their travels. We all need a place to land.


I consider the importance of home, as our family is currently searching for one. We were told last week that the house we now rent is going up for sale. We have two months to find a new place.

Our family knew that one day we would outgrow this sweet abode. It was a perfect space for Jeb and I when I found it nearly two years ago. It’s worked well with the addition of the Bohemian too. He’s turned dilapidated garden beds into a thriving salad bar of a garden. We’ve made beautiful memories here.

Seems with the wedding now over and a new season in the air, it’s time for our family to put roots down in a fresh place.

Upon first hearing the news that we needed to move, I felt a zing of excitement, realizing that infinite possibilities awaited in the unknown realm of our new house. When I told the Bohemian, he responded exactly the same. Even Jeb was enthusiastic (instantly asking if this meant that he could finally(!) get a dog).

You see, we’ve been asking for this in our own quiet way. The Bohemian has again pulled out his sketchbook and revisits old drawings he has of our ‘dream home.’ Illustrations started months ago when we were entertaining the idea of our next place. He adds more trees, and puts skylights in the rooftop of the pencil-drawn cottage on the page. He even makes a gate carved with our initials.

You know, you can search the web for “how to manifest a house” and actually get sites dedicated to this very topic (although a good portion would like you to pay them in order to impart their ‘secret’ to success). But peruse the basics of any of these and you’ll see common threads.

  • Imagine how it feels to be in your house. Experience this as if it’s true and real right now.
  • Be specific about the details of what you want. Don’t hold back on making your wishes, no matter how ‘big’ they seem.
  • Spend time every day focusing on what you want to manifest.
  • Let it all go and move about your day. Live your life, but stay present. You never know what may present itself that can lead you towards your dream home.

These steps can be employed to create anything in our lives, not just a home. The idea being that everything starts with our imagination. That our minds, our thoughts, are creating our world, our reality.

So on one hand, we are excited to try these techniques and see what kind of home comes into our lives. We are seeking something functional, beautiful and simple. We want a place in the country with a big space to garden and grow our food. And yes, the potential for a dog when the time is right.

Who knows, perhaps by announcing this on the Archives, I’m infusing our vision through the power of words on a screen, read by a few more pairs of eyes.

I can keep the Archives posted on this little experiment. What does it look like to have a dream and go through the process of making it real?

Well, this morning, I’ll be very honest. I woke feeling scared. Like maybe we’d never find our place. That on this island of vacation rentals, there will only be the minimal five listings on Craigslist for anything long-term. Only studio apartments cramped in town, overpriced and scant on substance.

When these fears arise, I need to work with them. I’m immediately drawn to empathy for the many souls that have no shelter at all. No home. What of them? How does this new-agey approach of how we create our reality apply to those that live on the streets and long for a place to call their own?

These are questions I cannot answer. Though, I’ve lived out of my car on more than one occasion, I have a very small inkling of what it’s like to be transient. And it gives me more appreciation than ever to have a home base.

The truth is, I’ve played with these manifestation concepts for most of my adult life and experienced some pretty magical moments.

I wanted to live on a sheep farm and learn how to spin wool. Well, somehow I found that shepard’s room in Vermont taking care of a hundred sheep.

I wanted to be a mother, despite multiple ovarian surgeries with only one ovary remaining. But my dream came true and Jeb was born.

And I felt the presence of a soul-mate in my heart, though I was single for seven years on a remote island, raising that little boy of mine alone. Then one day, walking on the beach, I passed a man standing on the sand. He is now my husband. Truly, my soul mate.

Many times my heart has held a dream. And I am fortunate to say that some of those biggest dreams have come true. I am grateful. And I need to remember this.

It may start with our minds, but it rests in our hearts. We might as well click our heels and feel it.Madame Tussauds's "The Wizard Of Oz" Cinema 4-D Experience Launch

Home is where the heart is, and I’ve got to keep the faith.  There’s a perfect place that is our home.

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