Yesterday was saffron hues. Today seems to capture the blue-green spectrum.

Taking a pause from the interior of the yoga studio, I’ve been walking a brief, morning loop from bluff to beach. Squeezing in a little solo time before the day begins.

Sun salutations on a rubberized mat are certainly healthy, but nothing is more curative to my spirit than fresh air on my skin and the warmth of rising sun on my head.

Seems the shearwaters and albatross like the trade gusts prior to 9am, as well. They glide as commuters, all heading east.

From my cliff-top vantage, I get the gift of the best whale sighting of the season. A full-body breach out at sea that boggles the mind. How does that tonnage break from liquid to air, a brief moment of pure lift, before landing the world’s biggest cannonball?

Glad for the camera in my pocket, I focus in on coral, sky and sea glass. Then come home, enamored with the weed Jeb picked for me yesterday. Perfectly suited for placement at the window sill. Its delicate leaves worthy of a snapshot.

2013-02-25coral_sea glass


2013-02-25weed_blue glass


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