the last seven days
a writing hiatus
as life
shuffled me
without commentary
the orchid bloomed
the gold wedding bands were ordered
green peppers harvested
the last of the mangos
beds in our house
got switched to new rooms
Jeb’s artwork from preschool
shelved in the loft
a baby was born-
my sweet niece-
fresh life!

and I held the sun
on my skin
with the others
behind a mother
looking to the light
she buried the loss
of her three year old boy
the earth

celebrating life
in death
poetry drumming dancing
the man with the guitar
the father of my son
who’s shown me
and Hate
he offers his voice
to a family’s suffering
“put more love in your heart”
and I was singing with him

for now
I bow
as life leaves me
without words

Jessica Dofflemyer

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