The planning part has been like an eddy on a rolling creek.  Any real coordinating of our Bohemian wedding (yes, I am marrying a true Czech) has been pooling in a swirl on the sidelines for months.  Not stagnant, but paused in a rest from the wedding current flow.

courtesy of Mathias Erhart

This Labor Day weekend, our labor of love involved the shifting of some rocks and twigs along the creek bed. And with a gush of fresh infusion, step number one in the wedding planning protocol was executed. We sent out the official “Save the Date” communication to the small group we hope will join us in our celebration.

After lingering just outside the creek’s causeway for so long, it felt surprisingly good to surge into the main stream. Like crossing a ‘t’ or dotting an ‘i’, our formal announcement punctuated our plan in forward motion. Buoyed it in effervescent bubbles. Or something like that.

The Bohemian often likes to say, “It’s all about timing.” I quite agree. And for us, our time in the wedding planning eddy has been perfect. And now, this new time, in the momentum of movement – it too, feels just right.

May we flow with ease right up to that special date

and through all the years beyond…


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