Still landing from my trip away from home, I come to WordPress a little groggy, not yet quite back in my writing groove.

I sip coffee and scan my WP dashboard. Site stats reveal secrets about this “For the Archives” cyber-venture I’ve been on for over a year.

Like how two people logged on in Slovenia and one person found this site from somewhere in Macedonia.

453 posts rest here, and statistics show the searches that bring browsers to my pages. People want to know about Patron, see pictures of big waves and read about the goddess Lakshmi.

And hands down, a steady, constant search: Kermit the Frog’s full body.

So here’s an encore of Kermit revealed. (Cute as a button, isn’t he?)

2 thoughts on “In Terms of Searching

  1. That’s really funny Jessica! I was expecting the key words for searches to be “clarity”, “great writing”, “unique perspectives”, and “loving relationships”! Or how about “inspiring photos” or “unique poems”? I guess we’re all looking for something a little different.


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