Physicist, Nassim Haramein, says he had an illuminating moment as a child when he realized that all of existence was made up of dots. From the sub-atomic particles of the cells that make up our bodies, to the pinpoints of stars that splay throughout space. In simplest terms: it’s all dots.courtesy of

My little family, comprised of myself, Jeb and the Bohemian, well, I guess we’re all dots too. Orbiting each other in close proximity for days, the rainy weather has us inside, up close, and personal.

This morning those two boys are sleeping. And I’m here, the lone woman, with my coffee, a computer screen and hints of Monday morning traffic mingling with birdsong. The trees are swaying. The light is just coming on.

I’m wondering what words are here to share. As I search the inner recesses of my being, tap the cells, what I get are dots.

When you’re only an inch from the screen, all you see is pixelation. A blur of spots, singular and random. Zoom out to take some space, and slowly the chaos reveals an organization only visible through fresh perspective.

A stormy weather weekend has had me on macro lens. It’s beautiful to stop and look in close. Yet sometimes microscopic vision can’t see the forest for the trees.

It’s a new week, and hopefully, some clearing skies. Time to take in an overview.

I’m zooming out. Taking notes on what I find.

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