The writing these days seems to be taking the form of lists rather than poetry.

Yes, in 48 hours, Jeb and I will see lift off, as we venture from of our little island into the great wide world. Or at least California, which to Jeb is like the promised land. Full of free time (no school), favorite family members, and the chance of snow, our annual trip to the Golden State is one where the countdown begins around October.

As the Archives hits the road, I’m hoping to shift from packing lists to some inspired pieces, chronicling new landscapes. My wanderlust has been landlocked for a year now and it’s time to lift the anchor.

For those of you that are following the Archives, you get to tag along! It’ll be a virtual tour into uncharted waters.

I’d like to promise that it will be filled with fresh colors, new plant life, and different lighting. That it’ll be chock-full of inspired insight. But the truth is, when one sets sail upon a journey, it’s always into uncharted waters, and one never knows what it will yield.

All the more adventurous!

So here’s to the last of the ‘to pack’ items crossed off the list. We’re about to embark into new territory.

Hang on and let go!

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