In praise of the Pause, I’d like to keep the words to a minimum.

Yesterday, the Archives were granted with the golden silence of a non-posting. The ultimate ‘reeling in’, my decision not to share a chronicle for the day wasn’t because words exactly escaped me, they just seemed too noisy.

When nerve endings are firing and raw, when the brain, not only keeping this entire physiological miracle alive and breathing, but thinking thoughts-a-second, the din can be dizzying.

Hence, wise humans invented things that make you go Pause. Like the siesta. Naptime’s not just for toddlers. We all need a daily refresher. Some time to stop the commerce.

Or reaching back to red-tent days (leaning on Anita Diamant’s title), there was a time when women got about a week a month to check out, quiet down. Long before we all were expected to be fully charged and ready 24/7, the community honored natural cycles and followed the moon’s cues.

And of course, there are the meditators. Those who sit and watch their breath. Observe those rapid fire thoughts. Keep sitting.

As we move into the holiday season, I wonder if we’ll really take a break. Can we just have a day (or maybe two or three) to simply be? Let one moment unfold into the next without a schedule or an appointment.

Ahh…the quiet. That hush so still it’s loud, when the white noise of traffic stops. All cars are parked. No where to rush to. We are home, moving at natural human speed. One task at a time. Smiling.

What I wish for you this season is the gift of fully oxygenated breaths. The joy of moving slowly, from the inside out, guilt-free. Real time with those you love. Pauses aplenty.

courtesy of Eran Finkle

2 thoughts on “In Praise of the Pause

  1. Yes! For my part, I want to bed at about 6pm and got up at about 6am, so that was a welcomed 12 hour pause. Whew! Looking forward to a lot more rest and pausing. Thank you for the reminder.


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