Locked out of the internet this morning, I was left with pen and paper.

With a day of giving thanks just around the corner, I decided I’d start the day with an attitude of gratitude.

Feel free to add to the Archives some thanks of your own.

4 thoughts on “Never Too Early to be Thankful…

  1. I’m grateful for Life … so good to be alive!!
    Mama Kauai … what a blessing to live here!
    The rain … so lush this season.
    The sun shine and blue skies … the wonderful trades.
    The Garden … fruit trees … chickens and our Goat Blossom.
    (our soon to be cow Tess, coming from the Milky Way)
    and Yes! to Love … Family … Friendship…
    and for YOU 🙂 … and for your gift of writing.


  2. Beautiful things on your page (yet again).
    I’m grateful for –
    my sons (2 x towering pillars of awesomeness)
    the rain, to refill the water tanks
    living in a vibrant, conscious community
    getting paid to work with plants and seeds
    having a boss I can tease mercilessly
    sensing humanity collaborating in heart
    …and having the safest chest in the universe to lay my head against at night.


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