winter darkness
cradles me
long past my writing hour
I’m still adapting to time
and seasons

yes, I have been deep in sheets
I was picking kumquats
larger than my hand

even though it is still
completely dark
the clock says Jeb will wake

breakfast calls

this morning
I am a sleepy mother
dreaming of a fruitful harvest
with little time for words
to share

so here’s a call
to write your own
add a comment here
we can still make poetry in winter

courtesty of dougww

4 thoughts on “Winter Poetry

  1. darkness stretches into dawn
    as your words arrive to awaken
    into a new day I wander wondering
    at the intimacy of an outstretched hand
    each sensation is an invitation to
    delight in life’s sweet blessing
    feeling grateful at this harvest season
    to reap friendship and inspiration


  2. Cold autumn fire emblazes the woods
    Leaving but the branches, bare bones

    Hope this piece of autumn poetry qualifies
    Without the snow, it’s just not winter yet


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