Yesterday I was the sweet, crushed angel
with myself
and all of my
human frailties
in love

I know how I can be
set my sites
on Christ-like
love embodied
and sure

I’ll think there should
be no doubt
no fear
if I was loving

the Watcher in me
knows the game
drives me down
to the golden sand
where its thick
cushions the weight
of my soles

and with the seabirds
Hafiz came
to tenderly remind me
that this dance
with the Beloved
is set to a slow and patient song

poetry soothes
like a hand caressing my head
so what
it’s ok

My Sweet, Crushed Angel

You have not danced so badly, my dear,
Trying to hold hands with the Beautiful One.

You have waltzed with great style,
My sweet, crushed angel,
To have ever neared God’s Heart at all.

Our Partner is notoriously difficult to follow,
And even His best musicians are not always easy
To hear.

So what if the music has stopped for a while.

So what
If the price of admission to the Divine
Is out of reach tonight.

So what, my dear,
If you do not have the ante to gamble for Real Love.

The mind and the body are famous
For holding the heart ransom,
But Hafiz knows the Beloved’s eternal habits.

Have patience.

You have not danced so badly my dear,
Trying to kiss the Beautiful One.

You have actually waltzed with tremendous style,
O my sweet,
O my sweet, crushed angel.

~ Hafiz

courtesy of istolethetv

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