There is graffiti at the entrance to the temple
my natural beach cathedral
where a sloping foot trail
begins with an entry way
upon which
spray-paint faces in day-glow green
request that
“tourists go home”

look closely and you’ll see
down in the corner
one positive affirmation
among the random scrawls
good things happen to good people

on the day we met
his bike was at the entrance
leaning on the good
(though I didn’t see it then)
we were opening a combination lock by flashlight
the reminder
proclaiming in the shadows

In the mornings
I come to worship at this nature church
pass that adage every day
I walk sand
traipse through sea foam
settle myself with the hiss of white water

I am big among crabs
small beside cliffs
my heart pumping blood
with my breath

I walk the tideline
alive with open-hearted joy
loving Love
saying yes

yet so tender in exquisite risk
I am but one step away
from utter

so afraid I am
of being swallowed
whole by Love
I want nothing more
than to be absorbed
in its great force

I say my prayers
and chant my mantras
I walk the tideline
smiling tears
living yes and no

breath in
breath out
I still have one foot
propping open that exit door
two eyes assessing
the safety of my situation

Oh let me be destroyed
by Love
but only if it won’t hurt

good things happen to good people
I stay
walking the tideline
each step
into the next
into the immense
of Love

Jessica Dofflemyer ~ all rights reserved

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