Humor me with this verisimilar vision

He stands at the kitchen sink
no shirt
biceps flexing
above suds
my sinkful of dishes

the sponge moves methodically
then counterclockwise
until the pots shine

is this a dream?

not real
maybe I’ll wake up
or not

for now
I’ll go along
with this gorgeous man at my stove top
making me lunch
clearing my dishes
then kneeling down
to wash my feet

I’ll say yes to the contents of all his bags
full of handy tools
homemade chocolate
fresh-picked fruit

let him trouble shoot
my outlet’s faulty wiring
and dance with me in the kitchen
all in the same afternoon

who’s authoring this story?
is it fact or fiction?

I did feel the warmth of those soap suds with my hands
heard his chuckle when my dance step squashed his toe
I saw the light go on when he ran that electrical test

maybe it doesn’t matter if my vision’s true or false

I’m smiling in this story
so absurdly beautiful
the awe
just keeps me laughing





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