last night’s dream seeps away
the moment my head shifts
and rolls from the pillow

there are only fragments
something about wings
we had them
not light and feathery
like storybook angels
but visceral and earthly
like a pterodactyl

these days
the golden door’s cracked open
and the light
leaks in and pervades
offering glints and flashes
that defy timelines
shift matter in space

I sense
a future
that I already knew

time’s triggered
in quick glimpses
in just the way his fingers curve, mid-air
I remember what will be

some deep sensation
disregarding time as line
past and future
collide within my cells
to all time
no time
every time
all things

there have been a few moments in this life
in my stint as human
in this century
when there has come a knowing
that mind can’t understand

I’m crazy here
trying to explain in words
an intelligence
I can only feel

perhaps what finds me here
is the same longing
that drives all the poets and seekers

we are drops of water
wanting nothing more than to meld back to the sea from which we came

somehow we know
and want to tell you

we were this source
we will be again
we are now
just forgetting
and remembering
all at once

in my world
it’s golden flickers
over second grade spelling words
through the laugh of the gecko on the wall
in a glance from the green eyes of my long-lost friend

to try to tell you
is like grasping at dust
illumined in sunlight
but if you’ve seen it too
maybe you’ll know
just what it is
that I cannot quite express

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