“If you can find a path with no obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere.”
~Frank A. Clark

It was a sixth grader yesterday that introduced me to this quote.  He chose these words to reflect his sentiments as he gave his graduation speech, marking the passage from elementary school to junior high.

He understands the depth of their meaning more than my 38-year-old self.  Having spent his youngest years in hospitals with leukemia, he is a living example of perseverance.  He describes times during his illness when he would lie in bed and repeat over and over in his small head “I have the will to live.  I have the will to live.”

Now, completely cured, he stood before the crowd of parents, telling us that he still loves a good challenge.  That he embraces the difficult, inspired to find his way through adversity.  He welcomes this, knowing the treasure to which this path leads.

He has traveled terrains I cannot fathom.  He knows depths I do not understand.

Yesterday, I heard this twelve-year-old state with simple clarity:  “I love life.”

I’m following his lead.

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