I used to tempt fate.

Thrust myself into situations like some zany trapeze-artist-in-training, testing.  I wanted proof there was a net.

Through trial and error (and plenty of misses) I’ve come to discover that the cosmic weave of the web of life has caught me every time.

There have been moments when I felt a void, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t supported.

This Grace, this ever-present force that offers breath to me, heart beat to heart beat, shows itself through the outstretched hands of countless people I have known.  Sometimes through the gesture of a passing stranger.  Sometimes from a life-long friend.  I have been gifted time and time again through the generosity and open hearts of others.

Humans, together, we weave the web.  We are the safety net for one another.  Sometimes support can be as simple as a smile.

courtesy of Mark Setchell

The threads reach beyond just people.  They are in everything and everywhere.  In the quiet of a morning, as birds sing in the day.  In the cool of sunrise air before the light warms the grasses.

Yes, I’ve gotten the darkness.
Yes, I’ve seen the light.

Just now.  This morning.  I can feel the truth – that all of it is a gift.  The gift of  Life.

We can trust there is a net.  Let’s keep reaching and live.

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