Living on an island as a single mother, raising my six-year old son, I longed to find moments of the profound within my mundane routine. .

Vol 1_Book Cover

Volume 1:  Love and Motherhood is a montage of autobiographical pieces from my first year of writing here in the Archives. More than just the story of a solo mothering journey, this collection weaves the common thread of human experience through poignant stories that span a spectrum of the ordinary. Whether depicting scenes of playing Foursquare with my son, trying to fix a faulty washing machine, or being stuck in stalled out traffic, the prose, poetry and photographs of this collection glean light from the seemingly dull details of everyday living.

The first in a series, Volume 1:  Love and Motherhood, is available as


(Make a payment of $2.99 through PayPal and I will email you the PDF within 24 hours)

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the eBook is also available at the following



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