Americans are going through a big shift today. What are the odds that the Bohemian is en route to the offices of US Homeland Security this morning, where they will fingerprint him as part of protocol? It’s standard procedure in the process he’s in, naturalizing as a US Citizen on Inauguration Day.

This photo of me was taken in Prague, Czech Republic, the Bohemian’s native land. He had to stand in just the right place, see things from just the right angle, in order to be able to capture the stretch of possibility behind me.

Perhaps the whole world is a house of mirrors. Reflections abound, and we get to choose our angle. We decide how we want to perceive what’s before us.

I choose the corridor of infinite potential. A pathway to all things good and true. A world elevating each other in love. Humanity dreaming its biggest dreams.

That’s my angle.

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