Only the Bohemian would take the Valentine’s Day rose he brought me, and try to eek out more life from the love offering.

I teased him when he clipped the stem into two pieces, planting the bud into the soil of our potted spider plant by the kitchen sink. He wanted to see if it would root. And I laughed harder when he took a section of the thorny stem and stuck it in a bottle of water.

But he was laughing at me a few days later when he asked, “Have you seen my rose?”

Because my rose, had now become his latest gardening experiment, and by golly, that stem had a shoot of new growth.

2016-03-03_rose stem

“I’m making roses!” he grinned.

I can see that look in his eyes, as he gazes out at the yard, imagining the new rose garden he’ll have started, all from the gesture of one single holiday bloom to me.

Neither one of us has bothered to research the odds of a stem sprouting to create, what would be, a bona fide rose-bush bearing flowers. At this point, we’re just observing with great interest (note those hair-like roots coming off the top of the stem, as well).

We’ll keep you posted on the love blossom.

5 thoughts on “Rose Love

  1. Your great-grandfather was quite a rose gardener. I remember as a boy that he would dip the cuttings in root tone before potting them.


    1. How I remember! His rose bushes were a legacy he left behind, as he passed before I was born. Those roses I was sniffing while listening to Linda Ronstadt, had to have been from him…Who would have guessed my husband would not only dabble in growing roses, but he would have only one tattoo- a single rose on his bicep. Rooting powder is now on the ‘to buy’ list.


  2. I was given a rose at New Year’s and it kinda’ got forgotten in a vase and when I decided it was time to go to the compost, I noticed it had sprouted a branch. So I stuck it in the ground in the greenhouse and we will see what happens. 🙂


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