Millipede 2015-11-19

I’m still working on welcoming the emissaries of illness. That is to say, that I continue to find myself slowed down with a funk that’s been keeping me from going about my days at my typical pace.

In my last post I reflected on the value of non-resistance to disease, as it necessitated me surrendering to a shift in my world. Still exploring this concept, I took another leisurely morning walk.

Along the way, I met a few fellow travelers that seemed to be making calm, steady headway on the path. Intrigued, and wanting to take time to really watch, I found myself on all fours on the asphalt, observing and taking a few photos.

At one point, a bicyclist came pedaling by, looking puzzled and gruff, as though my posture was offending him. I said “good morning” but he just whizzed by.

If only he could have seen the gajillion legs moving in fringe-like unison, propelling the millipede across rocky terrain. Or see the way the sunlight shone upon the bulbous antennae, directing the snail in its delicate stream across wet grass.

As I’m finding my balance a little more everyday, my body heals and returns to equilibrium. And I know I will eventually return to moving with more ambition in the days to come. I hope I can still bring a bit of amble along the way.

snail 2015-11-19

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