Once again, it appears as though the Bohemian’s got it in the bag. His innovation continues to impress.

2015-10-26_soil bag


After a year of gardening, our plot has become thick with roots from neighboring trees. Seeking the water and nutrients we bestow upon the garden, their root systems have infiltrated, competing with our plants and tangling our fluffy beds.

The Good Neighbors dealt with the same issue, and decided to dig a trench around the circumference of their garden, inserting a strip of metal to block encroaching tree roots. It’s worked well for them, but it seemed pretty work-intensive for our immediate needs.

An alternative was to create raised beds. But unless we scavenged for our own wood or logs, this would be a few hundred dollars in lumber to build. Additionally, we would eventually be left with sinking soil levels in the beds. Again, a big job and fairly costly.

Ultimately, we just wanted to get some fall crops growing while we were still in the pocket of time to plant. With so many projects on the table, the Bohemian was thinking ‘work smarter, not harder’ and ‘use what’s around.’

Hence, old t-shirts from the giveaway pile, are now housing tomatoes and cauliflower. He used twisty-ties to knot up the sleeves, and filled them with a mix of our rich garden soil, along with his fertilizing worm castings.

Yep, the theory is that this bag of soil will suffice in giving the plant everything it would have in a raised bed, with the added benefit of the t-shirt material holding moisture in the soil.

His solution still doesn’t address the creeping tree roots beneath the garden bed, but it is an immediate solution for our family, that just wants to grow some food this season without a lot of fuss.

I don’t think he sweat a drop, and it didn’t cost us a penny. In fact, it up-cycled some old t-shirts that were cluttering our closet.

It’s an experiment in process, and we’ll see if it bears fruit.


2015-10-26_tomato bag


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