In less than three months, I will be one of 15 participants to attend a writing workshop with author Cheryl Strayed, perhaps, best known for her New York Times Bestselling memoir “Wild.”

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The theme of the workshop is “The Story You Have to Tell.” Last night, I received an email from the coordinator with a gentle reminder about our pending gathering. Butterflies in my stomach quickly sank to leaden dread.

I am not excited, because I feel like a mess.

The story you have to tell…the story you have to tell…what’s the story I have to tell?

I seek, but do not find.

This morning I look within, searching for the smallest smattering of words to click upon the screen of my sporadic blog. My well is empty with echo.

Instead of prose at 5am, I’m sending RSVP’s to sixth-grade, birthday party E-vites. Emailing teachers about forms required for school events. Tracking shipment details on a Halloween mask we hope will make it to the post office before the 31st.

I do not feel wild.

I feel domestic.

This is not the worst thing in the world, by far. But it feels like death to an artist.

I question all.

Yet, I will keep seeking.

Three months to find a story that matters.

8 thoughts on “Story to Tell

  1. I find it strange that once again we have a link though our lives are very different. My daughter read Cheryl Strayed -Tiny Beautiful Things and was blown away by her wisdom and honesty. She then bought the book for my 60th birthday this year and it had the same effect on me. I only wish someone had given it to me for my 30th……but then I might not have nodded in agreement all the time I was reading,if it had been as my younger self. I have every faith in you….you are a wonderful story teller! Enjoy.

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