2015-09-28_czech bench


This bench sits just beyond the steps that lead to a cathedral, not far from Nerudova street, in Prague.

Judging from the litter of butts below, it seems many have enjoyed the irony of leaning into a devilish tail just outside a sanctimonious doorway.

One of many things I appreciate about Czech, and it is particularly shown in Prague, is the painstaking dedication to artful function.

What is pictured here is not just a seat, it’s a work of art…upon which you may sit.

The same is true for the very path where it rests. Each cobblestone was carefully placed, square by square. And not just one color, mind you. But multiple colors, laid with an intentional pattern to be conveyed. All done, long before computer-generated imaging and machinery.

2015-09-28_czech cobblestone

So much time put in! To something that will merely be sat or stepped upon.


Perhaps it’s because it brings a deeper meaning to function.

Or possibly it’s inspired by the idea that if you’re going to create something, you might as well enjoy the process to the fullest.

Or maybe it’s simply for the sake of beauty.

Whatever the reasoning, I love it.

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