Four years ago, today,  Jeb got invited to play at his friend’s house, and I got a free afternoon to take a walk on the beach.

It was sunset at my favorite seaside haven.  I was scanning seashells, unwinding, and humming to myself in the September salt air. There was a man in the distance with a rose tattoo on his bicep. When we passed each other on the sand, we exchanged one word: beautiful.

In that moment, the Bohemian entered my life, and the rest unfolded in some fateful play of events that is still mysterious to me.

Each passing instant holds possibilities that we cannot fully understand with our minds. Dreams can come true. Magic can happen.

I don’t need to understand. I’m just staying grateful.


2015-09-17_bohemian beach
this man opened my heart to love and brings me so much happiness – mahalo ke akua


6 thoughts on “Beautiful

    1. Thank you, Steven. As one of the sentries to that sacred place where the Bohemian and I met, you watched it unfold. I’ll always remember your comment to me, as you had been reading the Archive posts that were chronicling those early days of us getting to know each other. You said, “Everyone loves a love story.” And I thought, “Is this a love story?” I was definitely falling in love, but so frightened, I could barely admit it to myself. Looking back over these four years, what a beautiful heart opening the Bohemian has brought for me, and it is a testimony to trusting the heart, saying ‘yes,’ and facing fear. I know you understand. 🙂


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