This wall is typical of the Czech Republic. Buildings constructed of sturdy brick and mortar, but smoothed with a surface that brings beauty to their solid foundations.

Such was the way of the people there. At least the ones that I encountered. The men strong and smiling. The women beautiful and generous. But each were dealing with daily challenges, just like any human, anywhere on planet earth.

No matter their problems, their veneer was smooth. Not fake, just gracious. A grace, I believe, that was present due to the strength of the core beneath the surface.

2015-08-14_brick and mortar wall

This photograph reminds me of the classic Superman moment, when he parts his common button-up to reveal the all-powerful “S” blazing across his chest. The placement of that symbol, identifying his true nature, is purposeful. It rests upon his heart, rooted at the source of all his power.

At the heart of us all is this inner brick and mortar. The bedrock of who we are. Though, through our days we may not show each other all that lies beneath our finishes, this is our foundation.

I’m reminded, as I move in passing interactions with both friends and strangers, to consider what lies beneath our outer layers. That common core shared between us. It beats strong inside our chests, empowering every breath.

It’s steadfast. It’s gracious. It is Super.


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