…when you see this at the local gas station.

2015-07-28_you know youre not in the US


On a hot July day, in Cesky Raj (“Bohemian Paradise”) we stop to refuel. What comes into view is this Czech man, multi-tasking by the pumps.

Eh, why not?

It’s practical. Painting a picnic bench, keeping cool, and catching some summertime rays.

Even more amusing is when I point out the scene to the Bohemian. Looking at the painter, then looking at me, he asks a genuine, “What?

This response, indicating that he had clearly grooved right back in to the mores and norms of his native land.

Out of respect, I’d typically hesitate to post this photo without asking. But in this case, the subject just doesn’t seem shy.

I love Czech.

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